Spectra Pipes

CPVC Pipes & Fittings

Spectra CPVC pipes and fittings are made from the specialty plastic, chemically known as Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride [CPVCj. This CPVC compound meets cell class 23447 Bas defined by ASTM D1784 and have a design stress of 2000 PSI and amaximum service temperature upto 93'C. This system is suitable for water supply, water distribution and industrial applications. It is asafe, long-lasting and cost-effective solution for both hot and cold water usage.

Features & Benefits
  • Chemical & Corrosion Resistance
  • Tough, Rigid & Lightweight material
  • Long life & Maintenance free
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • UV Stabilized
Pipe dimensions and pressure rating chart as per Is15778 (CTS Series)

FITTINGS: Entire range of fittings in SDR 11 are available in 3/4 " to 2" in CTS series as per ASTM D 2846.


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